Earth Constitution


The Constitution for the Federation of Earth


The World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), founded in 1958, sponsored the writing of the Earth Constitution and today sponsors its ratification everywhere on Earth.

The Earth Constitution outlines a structure for an Earth Federation government. This structure is holistic, bringing in participation from people around the planet in a non-military democratic government that represents all people: ending war, injustice, poverty, and environmental destruction and establishing peace, justice, reasonable prosperity, and sustainability.

Earth Federation structure

The Constitution:

Establishes a World Parliament consisting of 3 houses:

  1. A House of Peoples (with 1000 electoral districts representing all people everywhere).
  2. A House of Nations (preserving the identity and integrity of each nation).
  3. A House of Counselors (200 representatives from around the world representing the whole of the planet).

Under the World Parliament there are 4 main agencies:

  1. The World Executive (run by 5 elected persons, one from each Continent) with no military power and no power to suspend the Constitution. The World Executive (with the help of World Civil Service) runs the Integrative Complex (dedicated to coordinating all agencies of government) and the World Administration (departments necessary to deal with all world affairs as determined by the World Parliament).
  2. The World Judiciary (a World Supreme Court system with universal jurisdiction and 8 specialized benches).
  3. The Enforcement System with World Police and Attorneys General (run by five heads drawn from each continental division) who enforce world law using only weapons necessary to apprehend individuals.
  4. The World Ombudsmus is run by five heads drawn from each continental division (an entire worldwide agency dedicated to protecting and promoting human rights everywhere on Earth).

We welcome the support and participation of groups or persons everywhere who endorse the Earth Constitution and our movement for a decent, lawful, planetary federation of nations and peoples.

Read the full text of the Earth Constitution: